Do you want to live longer while staying young and healthy with a 100% natural method?

Then, Ikigai Bio-Hacking is for you.

This biohacking method based on Japanese Natural Health is also called Shizenha Bio-Hacking, naturalists' biohacking because it is completely natural without using any artificial means such as a microchip implant. You don't need to worry about any possible side effects you might encounter in biotechnology.

It is from Japan, the country with the highest healthy life expectancy. People often talk about life expectancy, but what you want is healthy life expectancy, how long you can live in a sick-free condition.

Why do Japanese stay young and healthy longer than people in other countries?

和 is one of the answers. It is pronounced as Wa, and it means Japanese. For example, 和食(Washoku) means Japanese food, and 和服(Wafuku) means Japanese clothes.

和(Wa) also means harmony, and we have valued this concept of harmony throughout our history. Therefore, many of the Japanese ways of living have developed by keeping a harmonious relationship with our surroundings, such as mountains, rivers, soil, plants, and microorganisms. We have kept a harmonious relationship with internal elements, as well, such as the gut microbiome, organs, and meridians, the lines of energy in the body.

For the Japanese, biohacking isn't future technology, it is part of our culture.